Blog# 00.02: People are Officially Tired of It Already!

I think I might have been tired yesterday. We had just yesterday (Friday) completed a weeks worth of soul-draining, sleep-depriving, teeth-grinding, noun-verbing Block Exams. There were assorted parties and people to visit and I was going to start getting ready without having really decided what I was going to be doing. But First, I figured I should take a nap to recharge myself before I do any more depleting activities. Well lets say it was about 7:00pm (because it was) and lets say that I didn't wake up until 11:30... the next morning! WTF! Geez! It is axally impossible to sleep that long straight so my brain must have played a trick on me (e.g. have me open my eyes real fast and close them immediately at around 4:00am so reset the sleep timer. My brain is always playing tricks on me like that!)

Well I started cleaning my room up pretty good this morning. I basically moved in by bringing everything upstairs to my room and then violently shaking the boxes until their contents exploded out in every direction, which is not ideal especially since I live in a "baller mansion." Its a brand new 2-story house (no one has lived in it until our crazy group). We have 2 living rooms each with its own seperate fireplace, 2 dining room areas, a huge kitchen right out of a cooking TV show with a hugemongous island in it (all marble countertops!). My room is upstairs and it is big enough to.. well, you know what, I'm not sure how big... I think ima have to organize a Room Measuring party. It will preferably be underwear-themed (no clothes allowed!) and we'll measure it phonebooth style, by squeezing as many people that will fit into it. Taht would be the best college meaurement possible. "Oh how big is your room, Mikey?", "Oh it is 147 people large", "Oh, is that stacked to the ceiling or just standing on the floor", "I... what school did YOU go to, hypothetical question-asker!!!" and *poof* he disappears because I don't have any more dialogue.

The ceilings are actually pretty high in this room (at least 12 students high.. heh heh alllriiight)

~Micheal... I mean Michael

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