Blog# 00.01: Meh Debut

Disclaimer: I never make sense and I never tell the truth. And, yes, that does apply to the previous sentence...

Yay! First post on my new blog website that I built from the ground-up with my own hands! Kids these days have their blogs handed to them... never had to work the earth for their boring stories... why, when I was... *gasp!*... *dies*

Thats better. So I would like to dedicate this inaugural blog to the memory of my dear friend Jon Lai, *cracks a box of wine against his lucite coffin* for telling me that the hard part of pharmacy school was just the gettin-in part, and after that you just cruise to your diploma... Well two things are wrong with that scenario: firstly, pharmacy school is not easy! I may be so inclined as to say it is difficult! Or if I've had a few drinks I might even go so far as to describe it as "slurr slurr yelly cuss... [descends into some lost Scandinavian language...]." And secondively, some would argue that Jon Lai is not technically dead. Well, he's dead to me and that carries so much more weight.

The past four-fourteenths-of-a-fortnight have been pretty improbable. This whole week is the Blocks (read: all midterms, but they're actually a-third-terms) and thay half been soe stressful but luckily the stress will soon be gone redirected. I just received an email saying that we will have a mandatory white coat ceremony rehearsal tomorrow at noon and we will take the class pixur! YAY! We need to have ironed on the ghetto 'Touro patch' onto the left breast pocket by tomorrow (Mikreskin foresees at least a couple people's ghetto patches falling off of their labcoats during the ceremony). YAY! I, luckily, am probably the only one who still does not have no labcoat (but at least I can "rehearse" like I have one...). Like I said on taht other blog I used to have, they had to have my size custom-made and shipped from special Samoan tailors which is a problem in itself because those big motherfuckers take the majority of the time just threading the tiny needle. Crap. So I have heard less than zero since they said that they had/would order the new size... but, like I included in the email I sent to the 2nd year pharm student, I can always wear a big white T and just draw the pockets etc on with a black Sharpie, so no biggy...

Meanwhile it is 1:30am and I haven't begun studying for my last Block A exam (ClinSciences) which is at 9:00am today. :)

Is everybody HAPPY!?!?!

~Michael F. Worcestershire III

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