The Current Status of Professional Education

The whole concept of the classroom is pompous and circumstantial. It is my belief that many people, myself included, could learn an entire test's worth of material in a couple days instead of 10 weeks! Additionally seeing as how there is a significant division of the people who learn visually as opposed to aurally, the opportunity cost of using well-educated professionals to digest information from a book and regurgitate it back to a group is a misappropriation of their training. Their time and effort would be better spent in the pharmaceutical field, just as our time would be better used learning at our own pace. There is no way that a live professor can go at the correct pace that even the majority of the class can learn the material at. I propose that we take the current best model, UCSF Pharm School, and disseminate their learning techniques: slideshows, notes, recorded lectures that people can rewind at their leisure, etc.

Thus ends my half-assed attempt at some kind of an essay that only ended up being a paragraph. =)