Blog# 00.04: Its like Salvador Dali Painting Where's Waldo pictures

"People" are always asking me what its like to go to pharmacy shool and I never knew what to say until I thought of that title (I still don't know what to say but that confuses them long enough for me to escape).

So grades for our Block exams (read: chicken-fried midterms) are trickling out and they are making me inhale a sigh of sweet relief. I studied moderately for the first one (Track2: PharmSci) and thought I had literally BOMBED it (I felt like this guy! Thats how bad it was!) So i buckled down for the remaining tests and studied a full 1.01 times harder. It paid off tho because I felt much btter about the rest of the exams. So imagine my surprise when I got my grade back for Track2 and a stranger staples my nipple to the table and kicks the chair out from under me!!! No, I mean I get my grade back and I axally did pretty well! And the rest just got better. You readers have NO idea how relieving it is for me to find out that I can do this shite. I didn't really have any guage for how much harder than undergrad this would be until now. It gives me 0.01mg of confidence for the future and 100mg of happiness, with enough water added to make the solution isotonic for a human system.

Maybe its more like a Norman Rockwell painting of Waldo eating a candycane outside of a barbershop... plus he isn't wearing any pants.

Have a nice day.

~Mikey Campbell, son of Mogh

PS Class of 2010 pics: 1 2


Blog# 00.03: Hong Kong Phooey was an African-American... Right?

I'm not sure what exactly about his character makes me think that... Oh wait, huge cock. Thats right...

Well I get no presents for my white coat ceremony. I hope other people's families accidentally take pictures of me... because I look like their kids? (cuz I'm so asiany!!!) At one point I had 7 people that were planning on showing up. Yet as of right after I started writing this blog (phew at least now I have content and not just my normal pencil shavings!) the last 2 peoples just canceled on me. OMG! Its a pandemic of cancelitis! Everyone put on your Michael Jackson masks! Come to think of it that would be a funny Halloween costume: wear a feminine wig and a white disposable surgical mask thing.

It didn't look right until I added the glasses (thats what Michael's plastic surgeon said Ba-Zing!)

Well, while my family and friends are dropping like flies at least I still have whats important... oh wait FUCK! I'm screwed! (kidding) But maybe I'll try to self-teach myself how to install my new car stereo (begin countdown until it is ripped out of Gallahad 1 2 by Vallejo thugs). I can't wait until I can afford to move into a neighborhood where I am the most feared constituent! Sadly that is the only way I can tell if I've "made it."