Blog# 00.03: Hong Kong Phooey was an African-American... Right?

I'm not sure what exactly about his character makes me think that... Oh wait, huge cock. Thats right...

Well I get no presents for my white coat ceremony. I hope other people's families accidentally take pictures of me... because I look like their kids? (cuz I'm so asiany!!!) At one point I had 7 people that were planning on showing up. Yet as of right after I started writing this blog (phew at least now I have content and not just my normal pencil shavings!) the last 2 peoples just canceled on me. OMG! Its a pandemic of cancelitis! Everyone put on your Michael Jackson masks! Come to think of it that would be a funny Halloween costume: wear a feminine wig and a white disposable surgical mask thing.

It didn't look right until I added the glasses (thats what Michael's plastic surgeon said Ba-Zing!)

Well, while my family and friends are dropping like flies at least I still have whats important... oh wait FUCK! I'm screwed! (kidding) But maybe I'll try to self-teach myself how to install my new car stereo (begin countdown until it is ripped out of Gallahad 1 2 by Vallejo thugs). I can't wait until I can afford to move into a neighborhood where I am the most feared constituent! Sadly that is the only way I can tell if I've "made it."



Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I am such a fan of yours. Don't believe me? Just look at how I write! I have the exact same meter, tone, voice, style... I'm commenting on my own blog aren't I... pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Hey you/I have moved into Walnut Creek! (i.e. you're now the most dangerous person in your neighborhood! Rejoice!)