Bereft of Center

Where shall one point if asked where is the first cell that was "you". This line of thought helped me to understand the trite assurance by physicists that there is no center to the universe. This, because I've held the view for some time that the difficulty in finding the organic/physical boundary pursues an erroneous task due to mismatch in scale. On the scale most "organisms" are familiar with (ie Earth), there are extremely locally unique limited resources. Yet on the scale of stars within a single galaxy, we currently perceive the landscape to be relatively homogenous. This may merely imply a difference in competitive pressures which are the direct inputs to which the time throttle of evolution is adjusted. From this viewpoint, seeing as how competition on cosmic scales is much tamer, we may then begin to see why there exists only one type of body which actually appears to feed on like types: singularities. Excluding these, all other forms of change arise from (similarly gravitational) affectations upon the body's own components. Zooming all the way out one then begins to ask what would the universe appear to one able of perceiving merely energy densities per unit space (assuming space bends/shifts much slower than energy flows, space seems suited as the denominator. Tho, then again, space is only bent due to changes in energy concentration, commonly in the form of matter... Chicken and the egg? Or another false dichotomy?...)
Zooming back in we can then extrapolate from this assumption that maximizing competitive pressures on a system may serve as a variable to increase it's relative rate of evolution. Especially in the context of an evolved AI which will have to find a way to circumvent all the physics that has taken place since the first thing we would call an organism evolved from component nonorganic parts... (anticlimax: life doesn't necessarily require procreation but it seems a useful tool in the context of increasing pressures. Hopefully virtual lessons of "survival" learned from cellular automata may even be applied to our own survival, up to and inclusive of the point when an intelligence beyond my own solves the overly-accepted whole business of the dyings.)

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Mikey Campbell said...

In am attempt to confuse myself (read: expose my genuine dissonance and/or to disillusion myself) I began comparing and contrasting spatial dimensions versus time. Whereas this current blog is structured in an ad hoc directional worldview extrapolating causality to bidirectionality, I now realize a shortsightedness. That of failing to view time in the same "light" (sic) in which we perceive the other spatial directions. In the interest of consistency I now realize directionality is a limit akin to distance of visibility, subject to it's own variables (e.g. fog, wavelengths, gravitational curvature, etc). Yet the limitation on either forward or backward underlies a preconceived notion of mandatory motion, which is simply not a trope consistent with our relativistic/absolutist contradictory view of earth (or another self) as spacial location 0,0,0. Might it be conceivable that time is actually the more objective dimension as we perceive it, in that as the Earth is constant revolving around Sol (which itself revolves around Sagittarius A*) that we are more correctly always in motion? This is very doubtful from a subjectively evolutionist stance as we as a species have only extremely recently been capable of perceiving said temporal motion. Does this then lead us back to the incorporation of time as another functionally absolutist dimension? Perhaps the absolutist/relativistic dichotomy itself is destined to be a variable vector dependent upon the threshold of predictable versus chaotic. Until the event in which a consciousness is able to (even minimally) absolutely perceive 4space (and then adapt to extend the thresholds via manipulation of newfound variables) there will always be an excess of competitive unknowns. At such event however, humankind will be unwillingly pulled into a disillusioned space of new acclimation, which will reinstill wonder and hope until the next frontier of chaos is realized.