Writing Wrongs

I start writing agains now. If not, mebbeh I forget how to use my Englishes (but whut are odds of that scenario occurratizing?). I can't believe I'm finally going to get paid to write this stuff (disclaimer: only indirectly, I'm writing this at work.) If there's one thing about me its that I'm dynamical (eg: I avoid regular sentence formatting).

Forecast: This is gunna be a chimera of thought-provoking essays and funny doodoo talk that is in essence embelished versions of my fb statuses.

Proposed Reader Demographic: People who want to take longer to laugh at simple joax (the essays) and people who have itchy brains.

*Stands back and looks*


Reminder to self: write about what you think about what you read (well I think that's rubbish). See if you can't not combine psych/econ/computer with a fully-functioning rofflecoptormobile. (If you forgot where you hid your itchy reading links you emailed it to the one of you that lives in Walnut Creek.)


Mikey Campbell said...

9-5-2010 Amendments:
* Rofflecoptorvillez deleted from blog intent. Reallocated in full back to interpersonal communication.
* Pursuing wealth indirectly is more likely to bear money-fruit than would traditional approaches. Note: will take much longer.

Mikey Campbell said...

Also incorporate thematic elements of government (i.e. Leviathan), as well as the impossible to over-represent hierarchical cladistic organizational patterns of evolutionary niche development. This, through Kantian analytic and synthetic cognitive propositions. Blerg.